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Next-Generation Nanotech Power Cell Batteries

mPhase Technologies Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement with Lucent Technologies to develop nanotechnology-based power cell technology. Bell Labs, the R&D arm of Lucent Technologies, and the New Jersey Nanotech Consortium at Bell Labs, have developed prototypes of this technology, which may lead to superior battery shelf life and rapid activation times. In addition to meeting the demand for high-power, long-life battery capacity for electronic devices, other potential uses for the new “Smart Battery” may include emergency and reserve power applications.

Bell Labs scientists and engineers recently made a significant breakthrough in microfluidics that enables dynamic control of surfaces when interacting with a liquid – a key enabler for making “Smart Batteries” a reality. Fine control of liquids at the micro and macro scale will allow scientists to create batteries that can be activated upon demand. Nano-based batteries may have the potential for infinite shelf life and rapid power-up capability. In addition, batteries based on this technology may deliver a new and unique component for system design across many fields, including defense, industrial and consumer electronics.