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This statement discloses what personally identifiable information we collect when you visit our Web site, how we gather this information, how this information is used, instances when this information is shared and what choices are available to users regarding the collection, use and distribution of data. This statement also outlines what security procedures are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under CalTechNews' control, and how to correct or change incorrect information.

Use of digital cookies

A cookie is a small data file issued by certain Web sites when you visit them, and stored on your hard drive. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID that the site uses to track the pages you've visited, information that is particularly useful for marketing purposes. A cookie cannot read or extract information off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites, and you can refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser. CalTechNews reserves the right to use and implement cookies or allow our advertisers to do so.

Logging traffic data

In order to better service the needs of those who visit our site, we keep track of certain traffic data. These include the platform you are using (such as a Macintosh or PC), browser type (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), IP address (or Internet Protocol address, which identifies your service provider, but not you personally) and the previous URL (Uniform Resource Location, or Web address) visited by you before clicking through to None of these disclose personal information about you, and what information they do reveal is used exclusively for internal administration purposes.

Our search engines collects aggregate search terms for internal reporting and targeted advertising.

We monitor aggregate visitor activity on our sites and share this information with our advertisers, but at no stage are you personally identifiable, nor is any personal information about you divulged.

Advertisers, links and cookies

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